Prices and dates


Payment of Intensive Courses

To reserve your place on an intensive course, please pay the 20€ registration fee by clicking on the “Enrolment button”.  At least one week prior to starting the course, we will require a bank transfer of 50% of the course fee.  Once your place is reserved and we have received the registration fee, we will email you with the bank details for payment.

Course Name Number of Hours Prices
Survival Spanish* 7.5 €79
One Week Intensive* 15 €179
Two Week Intensive* 30 €348
Super Intensive* 30 €295
Super Intensive Plus* 60 €575
Progressive Course* 2 hours a week plus an extra conversation class every two weeks 59€ a month
Private Class* 1 hour

10 hour block



Private Class for 2 people 1 hour

10 hour block




* Plus registration fee of 20€

Public Holidays 2018:

We’re very sorry but no classes are held on public holidays and local fiestas. Our course prices will be discounted accordingly.

Our local holidays in 2018 are as follows:

January 1st and 6th, February 2nd and 17th, April 2nd and 3rd, May 1st, October 12th, November 2nd and December 8th and 25th.


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