English for kids aged 3-6

Get the most out of the best age to start learning a language. With the most innovative method based on natural communication and games. They are taught in a classroom specially adapted for children of this age. Maximum 8 students per class.


The most natural and effective method

Our method allows children to speak English in the most natural way. Communication is at the heart of the method and the use of English is given priority at all times so that children get used to hearing and using it continuously. From the moment they arrive and greet each other in English until they leave, they will always use English as a means of communication. Through games, songs and even small dances, children learn the most basic things about the language and at the same time enjoy learning. This lays a foundation so that they associate learning with entertainment and do not see it as boring.

Learn almost unintentionally

Although there is no actual memorization, they acquire concepts deductively. Every day they learn something new and review what they have learned. Visual memory is used a lot and combined with developing the needs of each of the students according to their progress, no one is left behind.

The duration of the scheduled activities is usually between five and eight minutes so they do not get bored and every day, before the end of the hour, creativity is promoted and toys are used with creativity in the classroom. The days are spent learning new things during the time they play and socialise with their peers.

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