English for kids aged 6-11

These courses are to lay the foundations of the language to improve spoken English. Native English speaking teacher will create a language environment with the best resources and the best method whereby kids will learn language almost without realizing it. We follow the Cambridge method started from the age of 8 and prepare children for the most prestigious exams in the English learning. Cambridge English - Young Learners is a series of fun and motivating English tests designed specifically for elementary school students. We promise the maximum educational quality in classes of a maximum of 8 students per classroom. In addition, we include CLIL content in math and science so that children have a more complete learning experience.


Our method of teaching English is based above all on speaking. In BLA! We want you to be comfortable speaking English and that is why we have the best teachers, who will motivate you and help you achieve the best progression and the best results. Our classes are for a maximum of 8 students and in a relaxed and conducive environment for communication. We have digital whiteboards, tablets and the best selection of books and resources to complement our classes and make them fun and entertaining. In each class you will have the opportunity to interact in English with your classmates and with the teacher from the beginning to the end of it.

Also in BLA! We organise all kinds of activities that make you learn the language in communicative situations. Find out about our workshops and activities at reception and speak English once and for all with Babel Language Academy.

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