German courses

Courses are segmented into different levels according to the order of the Official School of Languages and the European Framework, this contributes to the right conditions of teaching students to speak German in the easiest way and with the best teachers. We have several levels to adapt to your needs and we have the best resources. There are maximum 8 students per class.

Language: German

Ages: 16+

Schedule: 2 classes per week


Get the best results and the certification you are looking for or pass the job interview you want so much with BLA! We have the best teachers to help you speak German and achieve your goals.

Our classes are for a maximum of 8 students and in a relaxed and conducive environment for communication. We have digital whiteboards, tablets and the best selection of books and resources to complement our classes and make them fun and entertaining. In each class you will have the opportunity to interact in German with your classmates and with the teacher from the beginning to the end.

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