Russian courses

Ages: 16+

Schedule: 2 classes per week


Get the best results and the certification you are looking for or pass the job interview you want so much with BLA! We have the best teachers to help you speak Russian and achieve your goals.

Our classes are for a maximum of 8 students and in a relaxed and conducive environment for communication. We have digital whiteboards, tablets and the best selection of books and resources to complement our classes and make them fun and entertaining. In each class you will have the opportunity to interact in Russian with your classmates and with the teacher from the beginning to the end.

Speak Russian in a short time with our intensive courses designed to learn to speak from the first day. We have the best method and the best teachers to speak the Russian that you need today.

Summary of the contents of the Russian course:

  • Greetings, presentations and personal information
  • Treatment in hotels, restaurants, stores, offices, real estate agencies, etc.
  • Explain how to get to a place and give suggestions or recommendations
  • Explain tastes or things you do not like
  • Basic vocabulary of food, drink, colors, etc.
  • Learn how to describe products or services including sizes and prices.
  • Talk about time and schedules in Russian
  • Express satisfaction and/or gratitude
  • The most used expressions

Other Basic notions of the language:

  • Cyrillic alphabet
  • Numbers and figures in general
  • Most used verbs
  • Basic rules of pronunciation
  • Accentuation
  • Know how to compare things and qualities
  • Common and colloquial expressions
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