Spanish for kids

Spanish is better to learn in childhood. Then, as a schoolboy, a person already speaks two languages and can start learning other languages.

In addition, it has been repeatedly proven that languages are the most effective and quickest learning tool for children, especially if they study it in a language environment.

Our school creates a language environment in class and helps you create it outside of school. We offer Spanish language courses for children and adolescents of all ages (3 to 17 years) and levels.

In our courses children should feel confident and comfortable, and they should be interested. We do our best to create the right atmosphere in our groups.

Bla Languages offers tailor-made packages for college and school groups coming from abroad to learn Spanish. Not only do we arrange your Spanish courses but we also organise accommodation with host families and excursions around our beautiful island. We have received excellent feedback from previous students who loved their cultural lessons and their friendly host families. Here is an example of a recent group’s itinerary although please note that we are happy to make a unique itinerary to meet each group’s needs.

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