Host family

This is an great option for students who want a full immersion into Spanish life. We highly recommend this option as it gives students and insight into different aspects of culture and daily life here in the south of Tenerife. It also helps you meet local people and make friends from day one! The families are carefully selected and we visit all of the houses to ensure the conditions are up to the standards we expect for our students.

Families range from single people to couples to families with children and we will always try to match a family to you depending on your needs and wishes. It is important that students let us know of any preferences before placing them with a family, for example, smoking or non-smoking or with or without children or pets. All houses are within walking distance from the school and the beach, some even have a swimming pool!

With breakfast €280 €40
Half board ( breakfast and dinner) €350 €50
Full board €420 €60