Enjoy communication and learn language!


What is a Spanish speaking club?

A Spanish speaking club is a thematic activity, whose purpose is communication. The teacher will provide the communication with useful phrases, verbal turns, grammatical constructions on a given topic. Practice is the skill of conducting discussion and dialogue, resulting in the development and maintenance of conversational skills.

The goal is to show that learning a language can be an interesting and fascinating process. Within the framework of the Bla Club, there are three different types of classes:

  • Speaking Club - lecture by the teacher + discussion, practical tasks, improvisation, modelling situations for training new vocabulary and mini-games
  • Movie Club - watching a movie in Spanish, followed by a discussion that is aimed at developing the perception of speech by ear and the practice of speaking
  • Language exchange – meetings with native speakers in informal places, learning the language and teaching your first language to others at the same time.