Welcome to Babel Language Academy

In the famous biblical story, the Tower of Babel was built in a city where everyone spoke only one universal language. At Babel Language Academy (Bla!) we want to rebuild the Tower of Babel ensuring that everyone at the academy will be able to communicate freely and that all language barriers are broken down.

Our school opened its doors in El Médano in 2013 so has brand new facilities, including comfy, air-conditioned classrooms with the best technology and Spanish resources e.g. ipads and projectors.

Our students can also take advantage of our free wifi and our school library which is available for all our students to pick up a Spanish book to read during their stay in Tenerife.

The school also has a tea and coffee area so that our Spanish students can chill on our terrace in the square with a café on their break.

To achieve our objective, at Bla! you will find only the best quality, native teachers who are approachable, friendly and energetic. We don’t only teach Spanish, we also have English, German and Russian classes for our local residents in Tenerife with classes starting for kids from 3 years old. Our versatile, bilingual team is there to help at all times to make sure you enjoy your time in the south of Tenerife.