Наша команда

  • United Kingdom/Italy
    I believe everybody needs to feel comfortable in the classroom to make the most out of their learning process. Good vibes and attention towards individual's different needs and personality help learners feel at ease and more prone to participation. I also believe that enjoying and learning have to go arm-in-arm and I try my best to make my students have a good time while practising real life situations and experimenting interactive activities.
  • Canada
    I love trying new techniques in the classroom, whether that be audio and visual learning, team-building, or engaging games. It is important to find a method suited to each student because every learner is unique.
  • England,London
    My motto is to teach is to touch lives forever, tell them and they forget, teach them and they remember, involve them and they learn.
  • The Canary Islands, Spain
    There is nothing comparable to teaching people who want to learn and communicate with others allowing for greater integration between people.