• I believe in role play and recreating real situations, in addition learners need a chance to relax and take in information through video, and listening, just the chance to relax and process information.
  • Country: United Kingdom

    Education: Trinity TESOL Certificate

    Teaching Experience: 9 years

  • Why become a teacher?

    I chose a career in teaching because I have a rapport with people and find it enjoyable to explain and also entertain. My background is in Art and Music so I find I can combine all my interests into a 'normal' job ! I really enjoy working here because there's lots of materials, the class sizes are just right and as a group it's really friendly.

    What levels do you give?

    I teach the whole range of courses from young learners up to B2.
  • What do you enjoy most about teaching?

    The thing I like most is making materials and adapting articles and books to make a specific lesson - learners really appreciate it when their teacher has taken the time to think about their interests, hobbies and culture to make a lesson that's going to be more interesting for them.

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